12 Things : April

April 26, 2017

12 Things : April

Welcome to your monthly dose of 12 Things! 

Now pour yourself something to drink, settle into a comfy spot, and take a peek at April’s 12 Things; a list of what I’m currently enjoying, using, experiencing, and contemplating.
1. Books I'm reading :
// re-reading Einstein's Dreams by  Alan Lightman

2. Quote I'm contemplating: 
// The highest form of human intelligence is to observe yourself without judgement. // Krishnamurti

3. On my must watch list from the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival:
4. Place you will most certainly find me at this month:
// Brooklyn Botanical Gardens to see the Cherry Blossoms. There is nothing quite like it when they are in full bloom. (Also the website, Cherry Watch, is a godsend, it tells you exactly when and which blossoms are in bloom. Thanks for the find, Erin Fox!!).

5. Gallery Exhibit I'm looking forward to catching:
// To go with the month's theme of creating abstract art, I'm stoked to check out Jackie Saccoccio's exhibit

6. Repeated song on Spotify:
// Time After Time by Iron & Wine 

7. Role Model I'd love to treat to coffee or lunch:
//  Sallie Krawcheck; CEO and Co-Founder of Ellevest

8. Purchase I have loved:
// Nike Recovery Roller Bar for all my runner friends out there! 

9. Brooklyn Restaurant I've discovered:
// Alma. Nothing beats a Brooklyn Rooftop Mexican Restaurant overlooking the Manhattan skyline with a margarita in hand, amiright??

10. Something I'm contemplating doing:
// Signing up for a subscription box, whether its food, beauty, products, or something totally outrageous and niche. Any suggestions on some of your favorites? 

11. Broadway show I'm hoping to get tickets to:
12. Talk I'm most looking forward to:
Thanks for taking a look, friends! Please let me know your thoughts and ideas. Which things are your favorite? Let me know!